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"Ramez Mhaanna possesses soft touches, musicality, scenic charm and an effortless playing style"

- Sundsvalls Tidning

"Unwavering energy and stylistic breadth"

- Pizzicato Magazine

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"A collection of tiny gems"

- The Guardian 

"From the first chord we are on a world class level"

- Weekendavisen

"Sunny Superpianist, irresistible in play and steel-power"

- Sundsvall Tidning 

"It is a pleasure to follow the creativity and technical prowess "

- Dagbladet Information

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"...spirited reading and personal realization"

- Pizzicato Magazine

"Highly recommended would be an understatement. It is essential listening"

- The Art music lounge 

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"The clarity, intensity and not least the virtuosity is a pleasure to follow"

- Dagbladet Information

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