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L. Auerbach:

24 Preludes for violin and piano op. 46

With Christine Bernsted on violin


N. V. Bentzon:

Partita, Op. 38 (1945)


Træsnit, Op. 65 (Woodcuts) (1950)

Toccata, Op. 10 (1941) 

Passacaglia, Op. 31 (1945)


E. Grieg:

Violin sonata no. 3 in c-minor, op. 45

C. Nielsen:

Romance in C major for violin and piano, CNW 61

With Christine Bernsted on violin

Christine Bernsted & Ramez Mhaanna - cover400-400x400.jpg

L. W. Beethoven:

Sonata for violin and piano no. 9 in A-major op 47, "Kreutzer"

F. Schubert:

Fantasie for violin and piano in C major D. 934

With Christine Bernsted on violin

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